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Learn Enso

Introducing Enso 2.0.
In this video you will learn what is Enso and how it helps companies build data workflows in minutes instead of weeks.
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Joe Nash, Community Developer
Custom data visualizations.
In this video podcast you will learn how to build a new 2D graphics processing library from scratch in Enso, and how to connect it to Paper.js in order to display the shapes interactively in the IDE.
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Marcin Kostrzewa, Compiler Team
Using Java libraries in Enso.
Thanks to GraalVM, Enso can use libraries from Java, JavaScript, R, and Python without wrappers and with close to zero runtime overhead. In this video you will learn how to use Java libraries in Enso.
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Your first steps in Enso.
In this tutorial you will learn all the basics, including how to search for, create and connect components, create custom reusable ones, and more!
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Ara Adkins, Compiler Team Lead
Architecture of the Enso compiler.
The Enso language comes with a high performance, polyglot JIT compiler powered by GraalVM. In this video podcast you will learn about how Enso was designed and how it works under the hood.
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Wojciech Danilo, CEO
Enso vision. What is in the future?
This is just the beginning of our journey. There is still so much more that we have planned to make Enso the most intuitive data science platform in the world. This podcast talks about the vision for Enso's future.
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Browse docs and tutorials.
Learn how to use Enso expressions, how to create custom visualizations, and even, how to contribute to the Enso codebase.
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Enso is a community-driven open source project which is, and will always be, open and free to use. Join us, help us to build it, and spread the word!