Enso Engine Developer Documentation

This folder contains the documentation for the implementation of the Enso programming language. The documentation is broken up by subject, within the below-listed categories, and each subject combines information about the design, specification, and implementation of the feature to which it pertains.

We provide a number of useful resources for getting a quick understanding of the Enso project:

  • The Enso Philosophy: Information on the design philosophy behind Enso, and why we build things in the way we do.
  • Contributing Guidelines: Information for people wanting to contribute to Enso (in many different ways).
  • Community Code of Conduct: The code of conduct for members of our community, developers and users alike.
  • Security Guidelines: Security guidelines for the Enso project, including supported versions and our vulnerability reporting process.
  • Getting Enso: Instructions for how to get and run a copy of Enso.

It is broken up into categories as follows:

  • Distribution: Information on how we distribute Enso to our users, and how Enso packages themselves work.
  • Language Server: Information on the Enso language server, its protocol, and how it integrates with the runtime.
  • Polyglot: Information on Enso’s polyglot functionality, and how it is integrated into the surface Enso language.
  • RFCs: RFCs for Enso’s development and evolution.
  • Runtime: Specification and documentation of the way that the Enso runtime is designed and implemented.
  • Semantics: A specification of Enso’s semantics.
  • Style Guides: Style guides for the code written as part of the Enso project.
  • Syntax: A specification of Enso’s syntax.
  • Types: A specification of Enso’s type system and type theory.
  • Debugger: A specification of Enso’s debugger.
  • Parser: Design and specification of the Enso parser.
  • Infrastructure: Description of the infrastructure for building Enso.
  • Libraries: Description of Enso’s Library Ecosystem.