Enso Distribution

Documents in this section deal with the process of packaging both Enso and its dependencies, and Enso projects for use by our users.

  • Distribution: Information on how we distribute Enso to our users, and for use by the IDE.
  • Packaging: Information on the structure of an Enso project/package.
  • Release Policy: Information on the release policy for Enso and this repository.
  • Launcher: Information on the design of Enso launcher, the tool for launching various components and managing Enso versions.
  • Launcher CLI: Explanation of the command-line interface of the launcher.
  • Licenses: Information on gathering license information of dependencies included in the distribution.
  • Fallback Launcher Release Infrastructure: Explanation of the fallback infrastructure that can be enabled to keep launcher updates functioning even if the primary release provider stops working.
  • Standard Libraries: A brief explanation of the standard libraries for Enso.
  • Bundles An explanation of distributed bundles that contain all components necessary to run Enso out of the box.
  • Nightly Description of the infrastructure related to the nightly builds.