Enso’s Semantics

Much like we have specifications for the syntax and the type system in Enso, we also need a specification of the language semantics. These documents specify the executable semantics of the Enso language.

The actionables for this section are:

  • As we make more semantic determinations about the language these should be written down here.

This specification is broken down into the following sections:

  • Bindings: The semantics of Enso’s binding expressions.
  • Diagnostics: The semantics of Enso’s executable compiler diagnostics.
  • Dispatch: The semantics of Enso’s dispatch system.
  • Errors: The semantics of Enso’s various error systems.
  • Evaluation: Enso’s evaluation semantics, including those of suspended computations.
  • Modules: The semantics of Enso’s modules.
  • Scoping: Enso’s scoping and identifier resolution rules.