Searcher Panel In Graph Editor


The Searcher Panel can be brought to the screen in two different ways:

  • when user starts to edit node’s expression - the node becomes Searcher input and panel appears below,
  • when user press tab with mouse over Graph Editor Panel - the new Searcher input appears with Searcher panel below. Additionally, if there is exactly one node selected, the connection is displayed between the selected node and the Searcher input.

Suggestion of Node Expressions

The suggestion list is obtained from the Engine using search/completion method of Language Server. The parameters of the call depend on the Current searcher input, suggestions picked suggestions so far, and if we are adding a node connected to selection. The current implementation can be found in ide::controller::searcher module.

Suggestion Database

The search/completion method of Language Server returns a list of keys to the Suggestion Database instead of the whole entries. The database is retrieved by IDE on Project opening, and keeps it up to date. The Database is implemented in ide::model::suggestion_database module.