Release Policy

As an open-source project, it is incredibly important that we have a well-defined release policy. This document defines said policy.

Once a release has been made it is immutable. The release should only ever be edited to mark it as broken. Nothing else should ever be changed.


Releases of these libraries are versioned using semantic versioning. Where a.b.c-tag is the version string, a is the major version, b, is the minor version, c is the patch version, and tag is additional metadata, the following hold:

  • Breaking changes to the public API will result in a major version increase.
  • Addition of functionality in a backwards-compatible manner will result in a minor version increase.
  • Backwards-compatible bug fixes will result in a patch version increase.
  • The tag will indicate pre-release or beta versions, and will increase when any pre-release change is made. These are not intended to be stable.

Release Branches

Releases are made from the main branch in this repository, and each release to must correspond to a tag on the main branch.

Release Workflow

Cutting a release for these libraries works as follows:

  1. PR your changes against main, ensuring that the modified libraries have a bumped version number.
  2. Once the PR lands on main, create a tag for each library you are releasing, named as described below in tag naming.
  3. Release each of these libraries to If you are a member of the Enso team and do not have the required permissions, please ask.

If a change to a library (e.g. prelude) is not required in the downstream libraries in this repo and additionally does not cause breakage of said downstream libraries, it is not necessary to release new versions of the downstream libraries too.

Release Ordering

As the crates in this repository are interdependent, you will need to release them in the following order as cargo does not yet have support for interdependent releases, and the cargo publish-all project doesn’t seem to work.

  1. enso-macro-utils
  2. enso-generics
  3. enso-shapely-macros
  4. enso-shapely
  5. enso-prelude
  6. enso-data
  7. enso-optics
  8. enso-logger
  9. enso-automata
  10. enso-lazy-reader

The actionables for this section are:

  • Record the release order here.

Tag Naming

Releases are made for the individual libraries in this repository and are made available on Each release must correspond to a tag in the repository using the following format: libname-version where:

  • libname is the name of the library (as it is imported).
  • version is the version string using the semver version scheme.