Connects to an SQLite database in a file on the filesystem.


  • file: The path to the database.

It is an alternative to connect that resolves a path to the database file.



Tries to connect to the database under a provided URL.


  • url: The URL to connect to.
  • user: A username for authentication. Optional.
  • password: A password for authentication. Optional.
  • custom_properties: A vector of key set any other properties that can be used to configure the connection or for authentication. Supported properties depend on the database engine that the connection is made to. Optional.

Currently SQLite and PostgreSQL databases are supported.

Finding the URL
The exact URL depends on the database engine. For SQLite the expected o format is sqlite:/path/to/database/file. For PostgreSQL it can be one of: - `postgresql:database_name`
given name on the local machine;
- `postgresql:/`
(which is the same as the username) on the local machine;
- `postgresql://host/database_name`
database on a specified host, the `host` can consist of an IP address or=
a hostname, optionally followed by colon and a port number, so values
like ``, ``, ``, ``
are allowed;
- `postgresql://host/`
username on a specified host, the `host`` is defined as above.
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